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Thyssenkrupp Aims High with Rosy Profit Predictions

Hold onto your hats, folks! It looks like the big-shot conglomerate, Thyssenkrupp, is riding a high wave! This Thursday, they spilled the beans, hinting they’re gunning for the top spot in their 2023 profit game. Why? Well, their third quarter wasn’t just good—it was a slam dunk! Especially in the materials and steel departments. They’re talking big money, as in the high-end of their million-euro profit ballpark.

It’s like Miguel Lopez, their fresh-faced CEO since June, couldn’t contain his glee. He chimed in, “Kudos to our team’s tireless hustle! Thyssenkrupp’s been killing it in the third quarter, folks!” And you better believe it. Although there was a dip in their earnings (78 million for materials and 164 million for steel), guess what? Those numbers still laughed in the face of the Refinitiv predictions. Who’s laughing now?

And get this: they’ve been pulling rabbits out of their hats recently. From making their hydrogen unit Nucera go public (fancy, right?) to getting a thumbs up from Brussel for a cool 2 billion euros in steel support. Heck, they’re even thinking of giving their steel and defense units, including the swanky Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, their own solo gigs!

But wait, there’s more good news! Their much-talked-about ‘cash-flow-before-M&A’ ticker has gone from red to green! We’re talking a sweet jump from a down-in-the-dumps negative 412 million last year to a sunny-side-up 347 million euros now.

So, to all you folks watching Thyssenkrupp’s roller-coaster ride—buckle up! The sky’s the limit for this giant, and they’re making sure we all know it!

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