About Asian Trade TV

Asian Trade TV Network is the world’s premier online channel. It’s a gateway for trade show industry and trend setter in online broadcasting of trade shows globally. It has grown the viewers in 190+ countries with extensive views of videos every day. The channel produces an edited broadcast of between 25 to 40 videos depending upon the magnitude of the event. These broadcast shows introduce the world actions, how the event turned out, who are the exhibitors and what they are introducing.

Asian Trade TV give international & real time information to the most influential, powerful and affluent audience around the globe. It is Pakistan & Asian 1st  world trade channel for #Trade #Real Estate #world Trade #CEO’s meetings , IT News , business Expo, Sports, Stars, economics news and cricket updates Live.

Our mission is to cover up news related to trade, technology, telecom, travel, sports and much more. Particularly, our focus is on latest and authentic updates in relation to the leading projects of Pakistan i.e. CEPEC, Gwadar and upcoming events in future. We have an aim to enlighten our youth by interviewing of successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of public and private sector companies in Pakistan. Asian Trade TV has a plan to reflect the positive image of Pakistan in the entire world !

CEO Massage

In this changing landscape, we also need to modify our processes and develop new capabilities to sustain growth and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Increase in share of direct to consumer businesses, especially digital, and changes in television distribution space give us greater insights into consumer preferences. While consumers have always been the focal point for content creation, these insights will enable us to serve them better. We are investing in data and analytics capabilities to use consumer insights for content creation and product design. Even traditional functions like marketing and customer service are undergoing significant changes and we are equipping our workforce for success in this new environment.

Vote of Thanks

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our people and partners whose unremitting efforts have taken Asian Trade TV to the position it is at today. I would also like to convey my gratitude to all our team for their continued support in our endeavor of making Asian Trade Tv best channel.

Shahid Mian

CEO & Founder

( Asian Trade tv , Asian lifestyle Magazine, Dubai Fashion Tv, Asian lifestyle Advertising & Media )

Our Achievements

  • Exclusive Sales & Marketing PR Partner Future Tower | Jublee town Lahore 2020
  • Exclusive Media Sales Partner Made In Pakistan Turkey & Baku Azerbaijan 2020
  • Exclusive Media Partner Investment In South Asia Conference & Awards Dubai 2020
  • Exclusive Media Partner Berkeley Middle East Conference 2020
  • Exclusive Sales Marketing PR Partner for UAE ,Gwadar Golf City 2019
  • Exclusive Media Partner & PR Partner World Marketing Summit Pakistan 2019
  • Exclusive Media Partner International Property Show Dubai 2019
  • Exclusive Media Digital Partner Islamabad Expo Organized By IWCCI 2019
  • Exclusive Media Digital Partner Khdija Woman’s Awards Organized by IWCCI    Media Channel partner PSL 3 2018
  • Exclusive sales & Marketing partner MADE IN PAKISTAN EXPO BAKU Season 1 in Nov 2018
  • Exclusive Media Partner Gwadar Minerals & Marbles Expo 28th & 29th Sep 2018
  • Exclusive Sales & Marketing Partner SHE IN STYLE WOMAN
  • EXPO IN lahore 2018 Media Partner , Fund Raising Event Shahid Afradi NGO HOPE in Dubai 2017
  • Media Partner , TV Partner officially T 10 Cricket League UAE (draft 1 & 2 )
  • Media Partner ,TV Partner officially , EXPO PAKISTAN 2017
  • Media Partner , TV Partner officially Ibec Conference Lahore Expo 2017
  • Media Partner TV Partner officially , Digital Conference Karachi 2017
  • Media Partner TV Partner officially ,CYPTO World Currency Expo in Dubai 2017
  • Media Partner TV Partner T 10 Cricket League UAE December 2017


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