Prosperity is a dream without National Economic Dialogue. Amb: Rehmatullah Javed.

Prosperity is a dream Delay in IMF program is creating hardships and confusion in the country where as political war and political instability is worsening the ecnomic situation of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country with natural resources & great agricultural strength.

Mineral resources are the gift of Allah from which we can divert our route to prosperity for which we must have a very clear national economic agenda and should be formulated with consultation of stake holders. For this success we must have national economic dialogue with a clear mutual understanding.

Pakistan’s private sector is now in a different position and private sector must be trusted and participation in decisions at national must be ensured. On the other hand the sharp fall in the value of the rupee, diesel and petrol prices and interest rates reaching the highest levels in the country’s history, the problem of imports of raw materials and the non-opening of LCs has created major problems including the non-availability of energy and raw materials and causing the stoppage of industries and creating problems of non employment,
The rulers are unfortunately focusing on aid funds and loans while neglecting the country’s economic development. As a result of this political oriented policy the increase in the value of the dollar has broken all records and today the value of the dollar has reached the level of 285 rupees.

Due to the extra ordinary delay in the restoration of the IMF program for Pakistan and the non-availability of any significant financing from external sources, the increase in the value of the dollar is not stopping & country’s foreign exchange reserves are in short supply because the huge amount of dollars spent on the import of petroleum products, edible oil, wheat and machinery.

It is a fact that businessmen, industrialists and traders knows how to make businesses successful,therefore it is necessary to keep them on board while making ecnomic policies . Pakistan has not been able to benefit from useful project One Belt One Road, of CPEC. We must respect this great gift of China and take full benefit for ecnomic.

Anti Pakistan forces and agencies are betting to stop Pakistan to become the friend of China.China Pakistan friendship is time tested and will live long. Political War must end between rulers and opposition parties. Incident of 9th May have shaken the whole Pakistan people are confused and families are in great greif due the death of their dear one. Let us hold each other and live for Pakistan. It is the best time to pay the cost of freedom.

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