Today’s Currency Rates in Pakistan – 18th March 2023

In today’s open market in Pakistan, the exchange rate for the US Dollar (USD) is PKR 190.50, while the buying rate is PKR 189.00. The exchange rate for the UAE Dirham (AED) is PKR 51.80, while the buying rate is PKR 51.00.

For the UK Pound Sterling (GBP), the exchange rate is PKR 256.00, while the buying rate is PKR 254.00. The exchange rate for the Saudi Riyal (SAR) is PKR 50.50, while the buying rate is PKR 49.70.

As for the European Euro (EUR), the exchange rate is PKR 215.00, while the buying rate is PKR 213.00. The exchange rates for other foreign currencies, such as the Australian Dollar (AUD) and Canadian Dollar (CAD), are also available on the open market.

These rates are updated on a regular basis to reflect the current market conditions. It’s important to note that these rates are indicative and may vary depending on the particular exchange or money transfer service used.

Whether you’re traveling to Pakistan or sending money to family and friends, it’s always important to stay informed about the latest currency exchange rates to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Currency rates in Pakistan – Dollar, Euro, Pound


US Dollar USD 281.71 285.5
 Euro EUR 301.03 301.56
British Pound GBP 342.9 343.51
 UAE Dirham AED 77.44 77.57
 Saudi Riyal SAR 75.27 75.41
 Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 922.9 931.9
 Canadian Dollar CAD 204 206.2
 Australian Dollar AUD 186 188.4
 Omani Riyal OMR 735.95 743.95
 Japanese Yen JPY 2.06 2.11
 Malaysian Ringgit MYR 62.99 63.59
Qatari Riyal QAR 77.37 78.07
 Bahrain Dinar BHD 753.69 761.69
 Thai Bhat THB 8.24 8.39
 Chinese Yuan CNY 41.09 41.49
 Hong Kong Dollar HKD 36.1 36.45
 Danish Krone DKK 40.41 40.81
 New Zealand Dollar NZD 174.91 176.91
 Singapore Dollar SGD 206 208
 Norwegians Krone NOK 26.69 26.99
 Swedish Krona SEK 26.97 27.27
 Swiss Franc CHF 304.79 307.29
 Indian Rupee INR 3.43 3.54

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