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Nikola Pulls the Plug on Electric Truck Sales, Citing Fire Concerns!

Hey folks, got some shocking news for ya! Nikola’s taking a step back and recalling all their battery-driven trucks out there. Yep, every single one of them! And if you’ve been thinking of grabbing one, hold your horses – they’ve stopped selling them for now.

Word on the street is that they’ve had a bit of a hiccup. Some trucks had a teeny tiny “thermal incident” because of a pesky coolant leak inside the battery. Nikola’s been on top of it though, getting in touch with everyone who’s got one of these bad boys. The grand total? 209 trucks! It’s a mix of those with dealers and some lucky folks who’ve already got theirs.

Now, to spill the beans, a third-party sleuth pointed fingers at this coolant leak after a little fire incident on one of their parked test trucks. But breathe easy, no one got hurt. And before the rumor mill goes into overdrive, Nikola’s made it clear – no funny business or external shenanigans caused this. They’re on the ball, figuring out a fix for the issue.

Here’s a twist in the tale: Nikola, a while back, thought someone might be playing dirty when a couple of their trucks turned into BBQs at their Phoenix, Arizona base. Talk about déjà vu, one of these trucks flared up again last month!

Now, the real culprit? Apparently, it’s a single part from one of their suppliers inside the battery. This naughty part caused the trucks to, well, catch fire. Who would’ve thought?

It’s no secret that Nikola’s been walking a tightrope. They’ve had their hands full with delivery delays and a bit of a dip in demand. So, they decided to take orders for these electric trucks on a need-basis and zoom in on trucks running on hydrogen fuel cells.

And here’s some hot gossip – Nikola’s had a bit of a musical chairs situation at the top. On August 4th, they welcomed their new head honcho, Stephen Girsky, formerly from General Motors. That’s their fourth CEO in just four years! Talk about musical chairs.

The company’s been pretty upfront, raising a red flag about some rocky roads ahead. They’ve been sounding the alarm bell, hinting they might need some major cash infusion to keep things rolling.

Oh, and if you’re one of the lucky ones with a Nikola Tre electric truck in your driveway, they’ve got a friendly tip – maybe park it outdoors for a bit. Safety first, right?

In the wake of all this hullabaloo, Nikola’s stock took a bit of a nosedive, dropping by a cool 5.6% after trading hours.

So there you have it! Quite the rollercoaster, huh? Stay tuned for more updates on this electrifying saga.

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