Michael Saylor talks with Daniel Price about FTX for the 2022 review.

Michael Saylor, the founder and chairman of MicroStrategy, sat down with author and host of the Once Bitten Pod, Daniel Prince, in one of the most recent YouTube videos. In the video called “The Year in Review 2022,” the two talked about many different things.

2022 Year in Review with @PrinceySOVtalks about how Bitcoin changed my ideas about time, risk, and property. It also talks about the best and worst things that happened that year, securities conflicts at FTX, the best way to regulate digital assets, and thoughts on Bitcoin adoption by nation states.
Michael Saylor (@saylor) December 22, 2022

Saylor and Prince talked about many things, including how Bitcoin changed the way people thought about time, risk, and property. They also talked about the best and worst parts of the year, conflicts at FTX, and what people thought about nation-states using Bitcoin.

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Saylor said that related-party transactions have a bad reputation when it comes to the FTX issue. He said that Sam Bakman-Fried is the issuer of FTT because Alameda is a related party to FTX, and FTT is also a related party. Saylor also said that SBF owns Alameda and FTX and is the company that gives out FTT tokens.

The reason there is a stigma is because if you took FTX public, and by the way, FTX accepts FTT, a sceptical investor would ask, “Well, since the same person controls all three, if Alameda has a billion-dollar trading loss, will SBF liquidate Alameda to protect the interests of other customers?”
Another possibility is that SBF will not sell Alameda in order to protect himself.Saylor also said that if the CEO of the crypto bank didn’t care about Alameda and was honest, he or she would have given the company anywhere from $0 to $10 million. Instead, SBF gave Alameda billions.

Saylor’s statement was a hint that SBF’s CEO wasn’t honest and that he had done something wrong by moving customer funds between Alameda and FTX.

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