The BTC price prediction for today, January 17, 2023, is:

Bitcoin (BTC), which is the most popular digital currency in the world, has been going up for a long time and reached a high of $21,000. Recently, the difficulty of mining on the Bitcoin network hit an all-time high. This makes it harder for miners to make money.

This change could affect how profitable it is to mine digital coins, which could have an effect on the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Today DATE: BTC USD Today: $ 21,161.76

How much will bitcoin cost?

The cost of a single bitcoin went up to $21,150. The price could go as high as $22,850 if it breaks through its immediate resistance at $21,350.

Also, as Bitcoin gets closer to the $24,500 mark, it may face more resistance. When “three white troops” show up, it could mean that an upward trend will continue. Bitcoin could find immediate support on the way down near $21,000 or $20,500.

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When the double top resistance level of $21,350 is broken today, look for a chance to buy because the RSI and MACD indicators are also pointing in a bullish direction.

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