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Meta has introduced a new model for translations in various languages.

Indian Wells/California: Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has introduced a new and powerful model for mutual translations in 100 languages worldwide. This model has been named the ‘Seamless AI Translation Model’.

It is expected that this powerful algorithm will bring about a revolution in translation accuracy and enable precise translations from one language to another. This model will also make it possible to translate text and voice, providing assistance in multilingual translations.

Meta’s aspiration is to create a universal translator. However, the translation of spoken language in one language to the voice of another language or the conversion of voice to text through the latest software is quite limited. In this context, Meta’s efforts will prove to be a significant breakthrough.

The ‘Seamless AI Translation Model’ operates under a single algorithm, which reduces errors and enhances speed. This will result in more accurate and higher-quality translations. In real-time, people will be able to communicate with each other in different languages.

Meta stated that this model will allow translations between languages in a highly effective manner, similar to how science fiction films depict. Additionally, it will be possible to translate text displayed on wearable head displays. This will bring about a revolution in mutual communication.

However, Meta is not alone in this race, as Google has begun working to enhance its translation and Apple is also following the same path.

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