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Whoops! Delta Spots a Slip in Engine Parts’ Paper Trail

Well, folks, buckle up for this one. So, Delta Air Lines dropped a bit of a bombshell this Monday. Word on the tarmac is that a handful of their spruced-up engines have parts playing hide and seek – with their paperwork, that is! Yeah, turns out these parts don’t quite match up with the official papers.

Delta, not skipping a beat, is diving right into the thick of it with their engine pals to fix the mess. The aim? Staying on the good side of the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA for those in the know. But who’s the mysterious engine partner behind the curtain? Delta’s lips are sealed, not spilling the beans just yet.

Now, here’s where it gets juicy. Some keen-eyed third party, name’s still under wraps, caught wind of these dodgy parts. And guess what? Bloomberg News gave us the scoop that AOG Technics put their stamp of approval on them. Ring any bells? Oh, it should! Just last month, CFM International, those big-shot jet engine gurus, pointed fingers at a ton of engine parts potentially sold with phony paperwork. And who’s in the hot seat for that? You guessed it: AOG Technics.

And the plot thickens. The FAA piped up before, hinting that AOG Technics might’ve been a bit naughty. They supposedly sold some bushings for the GE Model CF6 engines without the big boss (the FAA) giving the nod.

Sheesh! What a whirlwind! But rest assured, Delta’s on top of it, making sure we’re all flying safe and sound.

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