Former FTX executive supports lawsuit against celebrity promoters

Former FTX compliance chief Daniel Friedberg has provided evidence in a class action lawsuit against celebrities who allegedly promoted the now-bankrupt FTX, according to a proposed amended complaint filed in a Florida District Court on May 11. The evidence suggests that promotional activity for FTX originated in Florida.

Friedberg said that FTX US’ vice president of business development, Avinash “Avi” Dabir, was based in Miami and was in charge of brand ambassadors for FTX, including defendants in the case. Some of the defendants had claimed that the Miami court has no jurisdiction and the claims have no association with Florida.

Friedberg’s evidence could potentially rebut this key defense. The court will decide if the evidence is sufficient. Friedberg was also named as a defendant in an amended complaint on Dec. 16 and has reportedly assisted other legal proceedings against the exchange.

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