OpenSea says that after Merge, the market won’t support forked NFTs.

As the date of the Ethereum Merge gets closer, OpenSea, a marketplace for nonfungible tokens (NFTs), has said that it will focus on only supporting NFTs that are on the upgraded proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

In a tweet, the NFT Marketplace said that its team isn’t making any guesses about possible forks. It also made clear that if there are forked NFTs, they won’t show up on OpenSea because the platform will only support the upgraded chain.

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The NFT marketplace also said that its team is preparing the NFT trading platform for any problems that may come up with the upcoming Ethereum merge, so that the transition will go smoothly.

Even though the team thinks there won’t be any big problems, it assured the community that it will be keeping an eye on, managing, and talking to its users throughout the whole process. They also asked developers to go to the Ethereum website to find out more about the merge.

Along with OpenSea, ChainLink also said it would support the move of the Ethereum mainnet to PoS. The team said that any Ethereum forks that happen after the merge will not work with the protocol. The team also told its community that it was doing everything it could to be ready for any problems that might come up during the change.

In a recent interview with Asian Trade, economist Lex Sokolin talked about how the changes to the way the economy works after Merge could affect the price of Ether (ETH). The economist thinks that changes to the protocol have natural effects on the amount of ETH that is available. Even so, the economist knew that nothing is for sure yet and that the market will decide any changes in the price of the token.

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The native asset for the possible ETHPoW fork, which may be backed by Ethereum’s PoW miners, is trading at $100, even though it doesn’t exist yet. This happened after some exchanges added ETHW and ETHPoS (ETHS) to their trading platforms.

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