Chainalysis says that almost 104 BTC moved out of QuadrigaCX.

Chainalysis, a crypto analysis company, has seen that more than 104 bitcoins have moved out of the bankrupt crypto exchange QuadrigaCX. This could be a sign that QuadrigaCX is coming back to life. Most of the most popular cryptocurrencies were sent to Wasabi, which is a popular wallet mixer.

Chainalysis shared on Twitter a graph from Reactor that showed that almost 69 BTC had been sent to Wasabi. At the same time, almost 24 and 10 BTC were sent to two other wallets that couldn’t be found.

Chainalysis also noticed that BTC was moving in unexpected ways across platforms. Chainalysis said in November that a crypto exchange platform called BTC-e had moved $165 million worth of bitcoin, even though the US government shut down the company in 2017.

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After almost a year of inactivity, BTC-e sent $165 million in Bitcoin to a group of personal wallets, exchange deposit addresses, and other services today. This was its largest withdrawal since April 20.
Chainalysis says that almost 104 BTC moved out of QuadrigaCX. This post was first published on Coin Edition.

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