Bitvavo’s $296.30 million locked at DCG: DCG Faces Liquidity Issues

Bitvavo, a Dutch cryptocurrency company and a leader in the European market that offers customised services for cryptocurrency investors, reportedly announced that 280 million euros, or $296.30 million, have been locked up at the US venture capital firm Digital Currency Group (DCG).

After the locked assets were made public, Bitvavo explained in detail the “liquidity issue” that DCG has been facing:

Bitvavo has used services from Digital Currency Group and its affiliates (DCG), which are having liquidity problems at the moment, to provide its clients with off-chain staking services. Bitvavo will step in to protect our customers if we need to. Check out our blog for more:
Bitvavo (@bitvavocom) —

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The post Bitvavo’s $296,300,000 is locked up at DCG, and DCG is having trouble with liquidity,

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