After having a clean rape case, Yasir Shah decides to bring a slander claim.

Test cricketer Yasir Shah has stated that he will bring a slander suit after being found not guilty in a rape case.

In a tweet posted on the social networking site Twitter, national cricketer Yasir Shah stated after being acquitted, “Alhamdulillah justice prevailed.

According to Yasir Shah, I symbolise Pakistan, and my notoriety has destroyed Pakistan.

According to him, only those who despise the country may fall for their personal gain.

He claimed that he had been tortured into confessing, and that his confession had been gained through torture.

Yasir Shah stated that the case of abuse against him was dismissed due to the support of fans, the PCB, family, and prayers, and that it would not have been possible without their trust.

The name of cricketer Yasir Shah has been deleted from the FIR by the Shalimar police station in Islamabad.

According to the victim, Yasir Shah’s name was added in the FIR owing to deception, and he had nothing to do with this crime.

According to an additional FIR report, the plaintiff has also requested that the name of Yasir Shah be removed from the case.

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