Yikes! RocketSwap Gets Whacked with an $865K Stealth Slam

Buckle up, folks! RocketSwap Labs, the big brains behind the snazzy Base project, just got thrown a major curveball. Some sneaky Pete went and made off with a staggering $865,000! And guess what? That’s a mind-blowing 471 ETH. Just to paint the picture, each of those ETHs is worth a sweet $1,841. And this went down on Aug. 14. Oof, what a Monday mood killer!

But hang on, it gets juicier. Come sunrise on Aug. 15, the RocketSwap gang came clean. They’re hustling, gearing up to roll out a shiny new farm contract and – drumroll, please – they’re making it open-source on-chain! And, get this, they’re kinda, sorta sending an SOS to our mystery hacker, fingers crossed, hoping they might return the stolen stash. Gossip’s flying around that they might stop producing some tokens. RCKT? Your guess is as good as mine!

Now, here’s where things get wilder: our hacker buddy wasn’t just happy with the ETH jackpot. Nope! They went and minted a bonkers 90 trillion “LoveRCKT” tokens – seriously, how many zeros is that? – and in a flash, shipped them off to Uniswap. And just ’cause they could, they tossed in an extra 400 ETH. Talk about going big or going home!

By the time the RocketSwap crew caught wind, it was Aug. 14, sharp at 11:06 UTC. Quick on their heels, the good folks at PeckShield and the team from CertiK jumped in, shining a spotlight on this whole sneaky charade.

From the horse’s mouth at RocketSwap Labs: This hacker went full cowboy, launching a knock-your-socks-off brute force attack. Thanks to some iffy permissions tied to that farm contract, they nabbed the loot. But RocketSwap? Those champs hit the panic button, shutting things down before all hell broke loose.

For those scratching their heads, RocketSwap’s kinda like a decentralized exchange on Base. They’re all about letting us, the peeps, steer the ship via a cool decentralized crew. Sounds like something from a sci-fi flick, right?

Keep your chin up, RocketSwap. We’re all rooting for ya! 🚀🌪️

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