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According to a minister, the Taliban wants Afghanistan to have international investment and achieve economic independence.

As Afghanistan confronts isolation and the suspension of some humanitarian activities due to restrictions on women, the Taliban administration will promote self-sufficiency and seek international trade and investment, according to the acting commerce minister.

He told Reuters, “We will launch a national self-sufficiency program; we will push all government administrations to use local products; and we will also try to persuade people to support our domestic products through mosques.” “We will support any measure that will enable us to be self-sufficient.”


He added that increasing commerce and international investment were part of their overall plan.

He said, “Those who were bringing goods into Afghanistan from overseas are asking us to give them opportunities to invest here, and they want to invest here instead of bringing goods in from elsewhere.”

He claimed that nations interested in commerce and investment included Iran, Russia, and China. Some of the projects, according to him, included thermal power plants and industrial parks in China, as well as participation from Russia and Iran.

After assaults on foreign targets in Kabul, which the Islamic State claimed responsibility for, investors are faced with increased security concerns due to a lack of formal recognition and sanctions that are limiting the country’s financial industry.

According to a prominent figure in the Chinese business community, some foreigners may reconsider investing as a result of this month’s attack on a hotel that caters to Chinese executives, which left several of them seriously injured.


Authorities are striving to maintain security, according to Azizi.

“We make every effort to keep our businessmen safe.” The attack didn’t have any negative effects, but if it happened frequently, it may affect the business climate.

Azizi outlined a strategy to create special economic zones to stimulate business on previously used territory for US military bases.He stated that the strategy was being presented by his ministry to the economic commission and cabinet of the administration.

He further stated that the more than $1 trillion mining industry in Afghanistan was attracting the attention of foreign investors. He stated that an auction had taken place at an iron mine in western Herat and a lead mine in central Ghor province and that the results would be made public soon.

According to him, Afghanistan would soon get the supplies under a significant contract for the supply of gas, oil, and wheat that was inked with Russia in September.


As a result of increasing restrictions on women’s participation in public life, including university attendance, the Taliban-led government is coming under further international pressure.

A ban on female NGO employees has caused chaos in the humanitarian sector, which is urgently providing relief to millions of people. Some organisations have suspended activities in the middle of the bitter winter.

Azizi claimed his government had allotted 5 acres of property for a permanent exposition centre and hub for women-owned firms, but he would not comment on the new limits.

He declared, “We always support female investors.”


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