What is the last part of the MoneyHist released in Pakistan?

What is the last part of the MoneyHist released in Pakistan?
Second installment and end part 5 of the popular Netflix Series MoneyHist will be released throughout the world today.

MoneyHist is the most watched non-English language series in the history of the popular streaming platform, but recently taken by Korean series, Squid games.

The MoneyHist was originally a Spanish TV series released in Spain as La Casa de Papel, who was later nicknamed being English by Netflix.

However, Netflix is ​​now releasing a series in Spanish, dubbed in various languages.

Moneyhis’s story revolves around the group, in the first two seasons, making a successful robbery by printing their own money in the ‘Royal Mint of Spain’, while in the third, fourth and fifth season of the same group, the same group tries to return to the Spanish bank After being released from prison.

The current story also shows Pakistani hackers who help these robbers when they don’t have other people to help them.

On one occasion, this series also featured Pakistani surgeons who helped in the treatment of injured bandits.

The fifth season has been divided into two parts, the first part released in September while the second part is being released today.

This series will be released at 1:45 p.m. Pakistani time.

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