Court Lightens the Leash on Biden Team’s Social Media Chats

Last Friday, a bigwig federal appeals court had a bone to pick with how the Biden gang, the FBI, and top health buffs can chat with social media giants. They said, “Hey! You can’t just strong-arm these companies into deleting stuff you don’t like.” And yes, that includes chatter about COVID-19.

But here’s the twist: This trio of judges in New Orleans took a peek at a previous order from a Louisiana judge. That old order? It basically put a big, red stop sign on the Biden crew’s chinwags with social media peeps. This new look? It kinda trimmed that down a bit.

Now, I’m no law expert, but they pressed the pause button on this new take for a good 10 days. Why? So that Uncle Sam’s team can knock on the Supreme Court’s door for a double-check. Meanwhile, the Justice peeps who are supposed to have Biden’s back? They’re keeping mum. Not a peep.

Now, let’s be fair. Biden’s team did say, “Look, we only gave social media a heads up about some sketchy posts. We didn’t twist their arms or anything!” But, a judge down in the ranks thought otherwise. They believed big names like Facebook, YouTube, and the birdie app (Twitter, duh!) were being bullied into hiding some COVID-19 talk and election whispers.

Backing up that claim were the Republican attorney big shots from Missouri and Louisiana. They waved the First Amendment flag, shouting, “Hey! This ain’t cool with free speech!” The court nodded along, scribbling that while the government can totally nudge social media about tall tales, they can’t just muzzle certain views. No siree!

But hold up, there’s another curveball! The court, made up of three judges all picked by the GOP, mostly erased the previous order. The only bit they kept? The “no bullying” clause, which they gave a little snip-snip.

So, who does this updated rule affect? The big White House, our health’s head honcho (the surgeon general), the disease-fighting crew (CDC), and the FBI. But other federal folks? They’re off the hook!

The message was clear as day: “Let social media do its thing. No puppet strings attached!” And trust me, some folks were over the moon about this! Like Andrew Bailey, Missouri’s Republican Attorney General. He did a virtual high-five on X, cheering how it protects tons of Americans from free speech foul play.

Oh, and guess what? Last year, Louisiana, Missouri, and some miffed social media users cried foul. They believed the big three – Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter – put on censorship shades because of Uncle Sam’s constant nudging and threats of stricter rules.

And Doughty, the judge from Monroe, Louisiana? He already pointed fingers at the feds last July. In his book, their tactics? Straight outta an “Orwellian” nightmare, trampling over the First Amendment. Yikes!

Well, folks, that’s the lowdown. Only time will tell how this legal tango plays out. Stay tuned!

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