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Walgreens Coughs Up $192.5m Over a Rite Aid Deal That Went Belly Up!

Alright folks, gather ’round and listen up! Walgreens Boots Alliance (that big shot on NASDAQ:WBA) from Deerfield, Illinois, just dug deep into its pockets, pulling out a whopping $192.5 million. Why? Well, they settled a federal lawsuit that had investors shaking their heads and wagging their fingers. The drama kicked off when these investors shouted from the rooftops that they’d been taken for a ride about Walgreens’ plans to snap up Rite Aid back in 2015.

The plot thickened when Rite Aid’s stock price went to the moon, only to come crashing down when the deal hit the rocks in 2017, thanks to some pesky antitrust problems. I tell ya, it was like watching a pot of gold slip through their fingers! This courtroom showdown was supposed to see the light of day in just three weeks, but US District Judge Christopher Conner stepped in and helped them hash things out.

Peeling back the layers, the initial game plan was for Walgreens to get their mitts on over 4,000 Rite Aid stores with a hefty $17.2 billion price tag. But, with the deal hitting a snag, they ended up with just 1,932 stores, shelling out $4.4 billion.

Now, Rite Aid’s in hot water. Between a $4 billion debt, Chapter 11 bankruptcy shenanigans, and lawsuits about the opioid mess, it’s like they’re trying to juggle flaming torches! Word on the street (thanks to InvestingPro) is they’re up to their eyeballs in debt and burning cash faster than a bonfire.

But, silver lining time! Despite the courtroom drama, Walgreens Boots Alliance isn’t all doom and gloom. With a revenue growth spurt of 4.81% and a chunky 9.04% dividend yield, they’re doing something right. Heck, they’ve been throwing dividends to their fans for 53 straight years! But, of course, every rose has its thorn. Their stock’s taken a tumble recently, nosediving by a heart-stopping -12.15% in just one week.

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