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USD TO PKR: USD Price in Pakistan on July 5, 2022

USD TO PKR: The current exchange rate for the dollar in Pakistan on July 5, 2022

Pakistan Open Market says that the rate to buy 1 USD with PKR is 204.56, and the rate to sell 1 USD with PKR is 204.85. Last changed on July 5, 2022.

Dollar to PKR Exchange rates change all the time because they depend on supply and demand around the world. If you know the exchange rate for your currency, this page might help you convert money at the best rate possible.

USD Price in Pakistan

Dollars to Pakistani Rupees (Pakistan Dollar Exchange Rate)

05 Jul, 2022 204.56 204.85

The Forex Trade Association of Pakistan is where we got the information.

History of USD to PKR Open Market Forex Rates

Here are the exchange rates from USD to PKR in the past.

04 Jul, 2022 203.950000 205.950000
03 Jul, 2022 204.000000 206.000000
02 Jul, 2022 203.500000 205.500000
01 Jul, 2022 204.100000 206.600000
30 Jun, 2022 204.000000 206.500000
29 Jun, 2022 206.500000 208.750000
28 Jun, 2022 206.000000 208.500000
27 Jun, 2022 205.000000 207.500000
26 Jun, 2022 205.000000 207.500000
25 Jun, 2022 206.500000 209.500000, the best site for currency rates in Pakistan, gives you the latest exchange rates. Pakistan’s open market exchange rates are not exactly the same as open market rates, especially for the dollar. Most banks in Pakistan charge a higher exchange rate when exchanging money. We keep our website up to date with the rates between banks.

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