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TSMC Mulling Over Big Move on Arm IPO This Week

TSMC, that big shot of the chip-making universe, is on the fence about jumping aboard the Arm Holdings’ jaw-dropping IPO bandwagon. Mark Liu, the big cheese at TSMC, spilled the beans on Wednesday. Chit-chatting away at the SEMICON Taiwan gathering, he hinted, “You’ll know our move by week’s end.”

Arm? Oh boy, they’re not just some random name on TSMC’s contact list. Mark put it straight, “They’re a big piece of our tech pie and our pals in the biz. We’re all in for their victory lap!”

Just the other day, SoftBank’s Arm Holdings kicked off its charm offensive, trying to win folks over for their big debut. They’re looking at a whopping $52 billion prize tag in this year’s hottest stock show. And guess what? Tech giants like Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet – the whole shebang – are already waving their ‘we’re in’ flags for this IPO.

Switching gears a bit, Mark got chatty about TSMC’s new kid on the block in sunny Arizona. He’s throwing a cool $40 billion behind this big dream. Concerned? Nah! “Popped over to Arizona last month,” he shared. “Sure, fresh ventures have their hiccups. But man, the strides we’ve made in the past few months? Mind-blowing! I’ve got a gut feeling it’s gonna rock.”

However, the rumor mill did churn out some whispers in July. Word on the street was that TSMC’s grand Arizona unveiling, initially set for next year, might hit the pause button till 2025. The hiccup? A wee shortage of the right folks to get the ball rolling. But hey, every party has its pooper, right?

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