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Toyota’s global vehicle production in November went up by 1.5% to a new high of 833,104.

TOKYO, April 16 (Reuters) -Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM) Corp announced on Monday that the number of vehicles manufactured worldwide increased by 1.5% in November, setting a new record of 833,104.

The number of cars made in the U.S. dropped by 3.3% to 266,174, while the number of cars made in other countries rose by 3.8% to a record high of 566,930 for the month.


Toyota said that in November, sales and production around the world were higher than the same month last year. This was due to strong demand, especially in North America, and a recovery in parts supplies that had been affected by COVID-19 slowdowns.

The automaker said earlier this month that it planned to make 700,000 cars in January and 9.2 million cars for the year through March.

Toyota had planned to make 9.7 million cars this fiscal year, but it had to lower that goal in November because of rising costs for materials and a lack of semiconductors.

That’s still more than the 8.6 million units that were made last year.



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