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Titan’s Star Shines Bright: 20% Jump in Revenues and 81 Fresh Stores

Hey there, market watchers! Titan Co is making waves and how! They’ve just put out some impressive numbers – a whopping 20% boost in Q2 revenues from last year. And that’s not all – they’ve sprouted a cool 81 new stores. Talk about being on a roll!

Digging a little deeper, the money honeys at the bank are grinning from ear to ear. Why? Well, they’re celebrating a 17% jump from last year and, hold your horses, a 3% bump just from the last quarter.

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Titan Co, let me paint you a picture. These folks are the big kahunas in the world of Textiles, Apparel & all things swanky. They’ve been making some serious moolah, and it shows! Their market cap is now a mind-blowing Rs 2.94 trillion. Yup, that’s trillion with a ‘T’.

But wait, there’s more buzz in the corporate jungle. SoftBank’s letting go of a tiny bit of PB Fintech – selling a modest 2.5%. And there’s green news too – KPI Green Energy’s bagged orders for a nifty solar project. Meanwhile, Adani’s got a sunny project shining bright in Rajasthan.

And, oh boy, Reliance Retail just got a fat cheque from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. This just goes to show the world’s still got eyes for the Indian retail scene.

On the health side, Biocon and Juno Pharmaceuticals are joining hands to roll out a new combo for tackling Type 2 diabetes and obesity. This move? It’s gonna put them on the pharmaceutical map in a big way.

Hold the phone! We’ve got some mystery brewing. The Income Tax folks paid a surprise visit to Puravankara. What’s the scoop? We’re still waiting for the beans to be spilled.

Before I sign off, a little whisper in your ear – this piece? Crafted with the help of some smart AI, with a human giving it the final touch. Stay curious, and keep an eye out for more juicy tidbits from the market!

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