This December, you must have these five cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

People rarely fall for Ponzi schemes in the crypto industry because it is so big. There is Bitcoin, and then there are a million other coins that are often looked down on. Also, it can be hard to decide on the right coin to invest in. Coin Edition has made a list of the best-performing tokens that you need to have in your wallet this December to make things easier.

Let’s look at the tokens that have done the best this season:

Chainlink (LINK) Market Cap: $3,502,084,898

Chainlink has been around for a while. It came out in 2014, so it’s not too new. This token based on Ethereum has shown its worth over time. The Chainlink network uses nodes and oracles to send real-time data from smart contracts that aren’t on the blockchain to those that are. The Chainlink network uses nodes and oracles to send real-time data from smart contracts that aren’t on the blockchain to those that are. Crypto is a big part of how crypto data is regulated and how the DeFi ecosystem works to decentralize financial instruments.

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Chainlink’s market cap puts it at number 21 right now. As of this writing, the token is worth $6.77 and there are 507,999,970.45 in circulation.

Solana (SOL) Market Cap: $4,848,456,430

When it came out in 2020, Solana was made to help people use DeFi, dApps, and smart contracts. It uses a unique combination of proof-of-stake and proof-of-history technologies to make transactions quick and safe. The platform is run by SOL, which is Solana’s own coin.

Also, Solana is now worth $13.38, which is a lot more than when it first started out and was worth $0.77. As of press time, 363,032,639.04 SOL were in circulation, and Solana was number 16.

Polygon (MATIC) Market Cap: $7,176,817,950

Polygon is a framework and protocol that are used to build and connect blockchain networks that work with Ethereum. This protocol helps the environment with multiple Ethereum chains by putting scalable Ethereum solutions into groups. Even though all cryptocurrencies have been in a whirlwind lately, Polygon has kept its place.

At the time of this writing, the price of Polygon on CoinMarketCap was $0.819, and it was the 10th most valuable coin by market cap.

The market value of Litecoin (LTC) is $5,142,600,018.

Codes from Bitcoin were used to make Litecoin. Even though it looks like Bitcoin, it is meant to speed up the confirmation of transactions. It can be used as a direct payment method by anyone, anywhere in the world. People often say that Litecoin is “the silver to Bitcoin’s gold.”

At the moment, the token is worth $72.21 and ranks 13 by market cap.

As of today, there are 71,708,781.23 LTC in use.

The market value of Cosmos (ATOM) is $2,781,975,594.

The main goal of Cosmos is to let people talk to each other across chains. ATOM, its governance token, helps keep the network safe. This platform is different from other options on the market because it has a wide range of products and features. Cosmos’s next-generation technology stack gives developers access to powerful tools that make it easier to make blockchains and make them work better.

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So, Cosmos is now in the 22nd spot in terms of market capitalization. As of this writing, the coin is being sold for $9.70, and CoinMarketCap says there are 286.370.297.20 ATOM in circulation.

Even though our team puts together this list for the public good, users should do a lot of research before putting their money into crypto.

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