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The head of Cariad tells FAZ that Volkswagen’s software unit will be made more effective.

BERLIN (Reuters) – The head of Volkswagen’s (ETR: VOWG p) software unit Cariad, Dirk Hilgenberg, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday that the unit will be streamlined to speed up software development.

“The time for unanimous decisions is over, because that’s not how we get horsepower on the road,” said Hilgenberg. “We have now set up processes in which the roles are clear and Cariad is trimmed for speed.”

Cariad is a key part of Volkswagen’s plan to catch up with Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) in the next few years. However, it has been having trouble for a while, which has pushed back important projects and caused Porsche and Audi models to come out later.

Hilgenberg told the newspaper that for the future E3 2.0 unified platform, “Cariad is driving and the VW brand is riding shotgun, with Audi and Porsche on board.”

He also said that shareholdings would be used better, such as through acquisitions and majority stakes.

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