The government implemented much-needed measures to simplify energy issues: Hammad Azhar

ISLAMABAD: Energy Minister Hammad Azhar said on Friday that the government has implemented much-needed changes to expedite concerns relating to the pricing of imported gas for the domestic sector, as well as new power production contracts through a competitive and transparent procedure.

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The minister elaborated on the two major energy changes, tweeting that the bill allowing “the government to price in imported gas for domestic supply has been enacted by the National Assembly and will now be referred to the Senate.”

He described the measure as a “historic and much-needed change,” saying it will assist safeguard the country’s energy security.

Furthermore, the minister stated that the government approved the IGCEP (Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan) framework from the Council of Common Interests a few months ago.

According to him, the framework “ensures that the government will only sign new contracts for electricity when necessary, and only through a competitive and transparent procedure.” This, too, is a significant departure from the old pattern of contentious procurements.

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