LONDON/KARACHI: Best-selling creator Fatima Bhutto on Sunday pummeled the Sindh government’s choice to name a preparation school after previous Karachi police boss Shahid Hayat, a man she said was “accused of the homicide of my dad, Murtaza Bhutto”.

Naming the choice to name the Saeedabad Police Training College after Hayat — a joint chief general at the Intelligence Bureau (IB) — as “uncovering” and “cursing”, Bhutto stated: “I’ve always remembered their complicity with my dad’s executioners.”

“A landmark will remind every other person. My dad, a sitting individual from parliament, was shot a few times, in the face and throat, and left to seep to death without clinical consideration in the city for longer than 60 minutes,” she included.

“Shahid Hayat was a piece of the police power there out and about that night,” noted Bhutto, a writer and the granddaughter of Pakistan’s previous executive and PPP organizer Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

“By naming Police Training College Saeedabad after Hayat, are these the strategies the Sindh government is wanting to show another age of cops?”


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