Balmain was the first NFT member on XRP’s ledger.

  • Balmain, a French fashion brand, worked with MintNFT to start a membership based on NFT.
  • The XRP Ledger will be in charge of running the loyalty program.
  • “The Club” has been changed to “The Balmain Thread.”
    Balmain, a well-known French fashion brand, has teamed up with the premium minting platform MINTNFT to launch “The Balmain Thread,” the first NFT-based membership programme.

Yesterday, MINTNFT announced the news on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and said that it was the first time a global fashion house had done something like this in the Web3 industry.

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We’re proud to bring @Balmain’s idea for its #NFT-based membership programme to life.
It is the first time a global fashion house has done something like this. It is powered by #XRPL, a blockchain that is built to be sustainable and has fast transaction times and low fees.

Register here: @Ripple

On September 28, 2022, (@mintnftofficial)

Also, the programme will run on Ripple’s eco-friendly XRP Ledger (XRPL), which is a blockchain that is built to be sustainable and has fast transaction times and low fees.

In a report, James Sun, CEO and co-founder of MintNFT, said:

We think Web3 will start a new wave of engagement by letting companies give their communities more access and better experiences than ever before. As a leader in both fashion and technology when it comes to new ideas, Balmain is the perfect partner to bring this next step in NFTs and blockchain to life.
The Balmain Thread is the brand’s version of “The Club,” a Web-based membership, loyalty, and rewards programme by MINTNFT. A report says that the software will make it easy for users to access awards, community voting rights, real-world and virtual events, and a lot more to keep them interested. Users don’t need to own cryptocurrency or know anything about it.

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Balmain’s Chief Marketing Officer, Txampi Diz, also said, “We’re excited about the future, as the physical and digital continue to merge, giving us new ways to introduce this house to a wider audience, building on Olivier Rousteing’s desire to make fashion more accessible.”

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