Kleks Academy uses NFT technology to change the movie business.

A unique collection of multi-D NFT’s that double as tickets to Kleks Academy will be available for purchase at the September 29th general sales, the September 28th presale, and the early bird sale.

Kleks – A reimagined story. Professor Kleks was a world created many decades before Hogwarts. It has been the source of inspiration for generations of Polish children. Jan Brzechwa wrote the story in the 1940s. It was made into a cult movie in the 1980s that more than 30 million Poles saw at the cinema.

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The technology has advanced dramatically since then, which allowed Professor Kleks’s return to a global audience. Open Mind Production, with its series of smash hits including “365 Days 1 and 2”, has been the perfect team to accomplish this feat (NASDAQ: ).

Using new technology to transform the film-experience

Technology allows the team to not only tell the story about Professor Kleks but also to make the film experience more accessible to the public. Multi-D NFT’s will make the Kleks Academy accessible. These NFT’s are minted using ERC-721 compliant contracts and deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. This will be your ticket to the Kleks Academy.

The Kleks MultiD NFT’s – NFT’s with a twist 

The Kleks Academy multiD NFT’s are hexahedrons or six-sided, 3D animated NFT’s. Each side contains graphics and information. Holders will be able Side Swap making them even more rare.

Kleks NFT’s offer truly unique benefits to their owners. This will transform the NFT scene and cinema experience.

Holders will have the opportunity to take part in the film in a way they never had before. They will have access to the production, speaking and extra roles in the films, invitations to special screenings, access the augmented reality elements in the films, and access to the Kleks Academy metaverse that will allow them to continue the adventure.

FRECKLE$ is the fuel for the Kleks Academy Metaverse 

FRECKLE$ is a utility token on blockchain. Each multi-D NFT will be assigned a daily FRECKLE$ release into the FRECKLE$ MEMer, with a guaranteed amount FRECKLE$ within a 5-year period.

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We are excited for you to join this amazing adventure filled with imagination, creativity, and innovation.

Our company

The Kleks Academy, a limited collection of Multi D NFTs, was co-founded by Open Minded Production. It will be available on Ethereum blockchain. Multi-D NFTs are your ticket to the Kleks Academy adventure. This includes film production, augmented reality, and the metaverse.

Visit our website to request the Manuscript. Also, watch Introducing Kleks Academy video.

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