The BTC price prediction for today, January 25, 2023, is:

As the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to rise, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market has reached levels not seen before. Due to the Shiba Inu’s meteoric rise and the way it has taken the world by storm, investors are looking for a reliable way to predict these price swings.

Shiba Inu went up a lot during the European session, rising by more than 20% to a high of $0.0000129. This excitement, however, didn’t last long because the price quickly went back to where it started, which was $0.000011.


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How much will bitcoin cost?

Bitcoin is currently trading at $20,937, which is 1.50% less than it was 24 hours ago. In the last 24 hours, $29 billion worth of bitcoin has changed hands. Since the first prediction on January 17, the value of bitcoin has not changed.

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The digital currency didn’t make it past $21,400 and fell below $20,000. If the price of Bitcoin stays below $21,400, it could mean that buyers have run out of steam and sellers are about to enter the market. This is a sign that prices will fall.

Investors may also expect a drop in the price of BTC because both the RSI and the MACD are at high levels. When Doji candles close just below this level, it can also mean that a downward trend is coming.

Bitcoin’s next level of support is at $20,800, and if it falls below that, it could lead to more selling down to the $20,000 level.


If the price goes below this point, there may be more selling until it gets to about $19,250. Also, if the number of people who want Bitcoin goes up, it could go over $21,400 and reach $22,850.


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