Tesla Initiates Workforce Reductions at Chinese Manufacturing Facility

Tesla’s given the pink slip to a bunch of folks over at its China factory, as per Bloomberg News. The specifics and reasons behind these layoffs ain’t clear just yet, but word has it that some battery production workers are getting the boot.

Deep Analysis, an online news portal, spilled the beans first. They mentioned that ’round about 1,000 folks were working on the factory’s two battery production lines. Now, that number’s gonna see a dip.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai, which happens to be their biggest and most productive plant, has a whopping 20,000 folks on its payroll. That includes the folks assembling the Model Y and Model 3. Quite the operation they got goin’ there!

Tesla hasn’t commented on this matter just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what they have to say.

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