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Tesla increases prices of all its vehicles in the US, except for Model 3

Tesla has announced a slight increase in the prices of its Model S, X, and Y electric vehicles in the United States. The company raised the prices of its higher-end Model S and X vehicles by $1,000 and all Model Y variants by $250.

This represents an increase of approximately 0.5% to 1.1% since the last price adjustment. It’s the second price hike for these models since April 19, when the company reduced the prices of some of its cars in the U.S. However, there were no changes to the prices of its cheapest car, the Model 3, since the hike earlier in May.

Despite the increase, the base models of the Model S and X are still 16% and 19% cheaper, respectively, in the U.S. compared to the start of the year, while the Model Y’s long-range version is about 23% cheaper. The Model S is now priced at $88,490, while the Model X has a tag of $98,490, and the prices of Model Y’s long-range and performance variants are $47,490, $50,490, and $54,490, respectively. Meanwhile, Tesla’s Japan unit began accepting orders for its flagship sedan, Model S, and its sports utility vehicle Model X in the country on Friday.

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