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Suzuki Bolan’s Current Tag in Pakistan – August 2023

Oh boy, the Suzuki Bolan? That’s a gem from the good folks at Pak Suzuki, Pakistan’s top car maestros. Originally, they thought, “Hey, let’s make a spiffy commercial vehicle.” But lo and behold, Pakistani families fell head over heels for this ride!

In many places, it’s your run-of-the-mill public transport. But in Pakistan? The Bolan’s not about flexing with a tough look. Nope. With its snug little bonnet, it’s all about cramming in as many peeps as possible. It’s like a magic school bus, but for families!

You might’ve heard it being called the ‘Carry Dabba’ back home. And you know what’s wild? Even with a few tweaks here and there over the years, this baby’s kept its signature style. It’s like that one pair of jeans that never goes out of fashion.

Now, it might look small, but don’t let that fool you! It can fit a whopping 8 folks, driver and all. Plus, with its zippy 800cc, 3-cylinder engine, it’s got just the right oomph for those short trips around town.

Manual or auto? You pick! Suzuki’s got both on the menu. And sure, it might be a bit no-frills, but hey, it’s got the basics. We’re talking good ol’ seat belts and brakes that won’t let you down.

Pretty cool, right? It’s no wonder the Bolan’s got a special place in many hearts.

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