Ripple Snaps Up Fortress Trust and Amps Up Its US License Game

Hey, did you catch the news? Ripple, that financial tech whiz, has spread its wings even further in Uncle Sam’s backyard! Yep, they’ve just added Fortress Trust to their treasure trove. This move? It’s all about gathering more licenses under their belt. And boy, do they love licenses!

You see, Fortress isn’t just any company. Nestled in the heart of Nevada, they’ve got this shiny Trust license which means they can play safekeeper to some major financial assets. That’s pretty darn cool, right? And Ripple? Well, they’re already strutting around with over 30 licenses across the good ol’ US of A. That includes the ever-elusive BitLicense in the Big Apple – a must-have for any digital currency bigwig!

Monica Long, the big cheese at Ripple, quipped, “Licenses? Oh, they’re not just some fancy paperwork. They’re our golden ticket to crafting top-notch experiences for businesses.” Word around town is that Fortress Trust’s tech smarts and licenses fit snugly into Ripple’s grand plans. Talk about a match made in heaven!

Now, here’s a juicy tidbit for ya: Ripple actually threw some cash at Fortress way back in 2022. Details on the recent deal? Mum’s the word. But Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s head honcho, couldn’t help but gush, “Having backed Fortress Blockchain Technologies from the get-go, we know the ropes. From their 2021 launch till now, these folks have carved out quite the name, catering to both crypto old-timers and newbies alike.”

Even when the market’s been growling like a bear, Ripple’s been on a shopping spree! Remember when they splurged a cool $250 mil on Metaco, the Swiss digital asset guardian? Good times. And, whisper it, but a Ripple bigwig hinted earlier this year that 2023’s gonna see a flurry of buyouts in the crypto scene. Watch this space!

But wait, there’s more! Ripple’s also eyeing investments in Fortress’ parent crew, Fortress Blockchain Technologies, and their sidekick, FortressPay services. As for Ripple? They’re living the dream, operating in over 55 countries and offering their payout magic with a sprinkle of blockchain tech.

Stay tuned, folks. With Ripple in the game, you never know what’s next! 😉

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