Resumption of Meta’s Social Media Apps Following Temporary Outage –

Meta’s social media apps are back up and running, folks! No need to panic anymore. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Threads, all part of Meta Platforms, had a little hiccup earlier, but they’ve sorted things out. confirmed that everything’s back to normal.

During the peak of the issue, which lasted a good hour or so, over 14,000 users were having a tough time accessing Instagram. As for Facebook, around 7,000 users were caught up in the frenzy, while WhatsApp had about 2,700 users scratching their heads. Meta’s trendy new Threads app also hit a bump, with approximately 470 users raising the alarm.

Downdetector, the hero of the hour, keeps tabs on these outages by gathering info from various sources, including error reports submitted by users. Now, it’s possible that even more users got tangled up in this mess, but we’ll never know for sure.

As for Meta, they haven’t gotten back to Reuters just yet. Maybe they’re too busy ironing out the kinks. But hey, no need to fret, right? They’ll get back to us eventually.

So there you have it, the scoop on the social media saga. Crisis averted, folks! Let’s get back to scrolling, liking, and sharing. Time to dive back into the digital wonderland!

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