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Qualcomm to Gear Up BMW and Mercedes with Cool Chips for Screen & Voice Magic

Well, hold onto your hats folks! It looks like Qualcomm, that big shot chipmaker from the US, is gearing up to sprinkle some of its tech magic onto luxury cars. Yup, Mercedes and BMW are lining up, and they’ve got their eyes on those shiny Qualcomm chips for their snazzy in-car entertainment.

You might know Qualcomm as the big fish in the smartphone pond. But, here’s the kicker: even though phone sales have taken a bit of a nosedive recently, Qualcomm isn’t sitting around twiddling its thumbs. Nope, they’re diving headfirst into the automobile world. And guess what? It’s paying off! Despite the rocky road in smartphones, their car tech revenue zoomed up by 13% last quarter. Not too shabby, right?

Here’s the scoop: Qualcomm’s gonna dish out chips to BMW that’ll make talking to your car a walk in the park. And for Mercedes? Their upcoming E class models in the US are getting decked out with these chips, set to roll out in 2024. Exciting times, folks!

Chit-chatting with Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm’s head honcho, he spilled the beans that they’re gunning for a whopping $4 billion from the car biz by 2026. And wait for it… a jaw-dropping $9 billion by the decade’s end. Now, that’s what I call shifting gears!

Last year, Qualcomm let the cat out of the bag, revealing a $30 billion “pipeline” in the auto sector. Thanks to their Snapdragon Digital Chassis, cars are gonna be smarter, safer, and more connected than ever. Talk about revving up the future!

Cristiano said, “We’re always hunting for the next big thing, and cars? Oh, they’re the big shiny apple in our eye.”

And for the cherry on top, when asked about the soon-to-launch IPO of Arm Holdings, a chip designing biggie from Britain, Amon chuckled, “Well, we might not jump into that IPO pool, but Arm? They’re a key player. We’re rooting for a free-spirited Arm.”

Buckle up, folks! The future’s looking pretty tech-tastic! 🚗💨🔧

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