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Nike and Adidas Lock Horns As England and Spain Go Head-to-Head

NEW YORK/LONDON – Buckle up, folks! This Sunday’s Women’s World Cup showdown between England and Spain isn’t just about which team will lift the trophy. Oh no, it’s also about a battle of the brands. We’re talking the big hitters: Nike and Adidas. Whichever side emerges as the champions, their sponsor is looking at a tidy sum – perhaps a few million bucks – added to their coffers!

Back in 2019, the U.S. Women’s team, donning Nike, smashed records left, right and center. Their jersey sales went through the roof, making it the hottest selling soccer shirt ever! And guess what? Nike’s revenue saw a sweet 10% rise after that tournament. Yep, it seems celebrating female athletes really does pay off.

Now, as England sports Nike and Spain rocks Adidas, both brands are itching to get a slice of that victory pie. Liz Papasakelariou from Publicis Sapient says, “The real magic happens after the final whistle.” She means when the merch starts flying off the shelves!

Here’s a fun fact for you: Out of all the jerseys you saw in the tournament, 23 were from Nike or Adidas. Nike sponsored a whopping 13 teams, while Adidas wasn’t far behind with 10. But, as always, there were a few curveballs. The U.S. team, backed by Nike since ’95, made a shock early exit. Ouch! That must’ve stung.

But, here comes the silver lining for Nike. England’s jersey has been flying off the shelves like hotcakes. With a price tag of 79.95 pounds (or around $102), it’s almost sold out on JD Sports. Remember the epic European Championship run last year? The demand is just as wild!

On the other hand, Adidas isn’t sitting pretty either. They’ve had to restock Spain’s jerseys due to popular demand. Their replicas go for 90 euros and the real deal for 140 euros. And, if Spain does snatch the trophy, Adidas is ready to roll out some special celebratory gear. Now, that’s thinking ahead!

Both teams’ runs have stirred up a soccer frenzy. Spain’s semi-final win scored big on Spanish TV, pulling in nearly 2 million viewers. Meanwhile, down under, Australia’s semi-final match against England was a record-breaker, with a staggering 7.13 million tuning in.

So, whether you’re cheering for England, Spain, Nike, or Adidas, one thing’s for sure – the world is watching, and the stakes have never been higher! Let’s see who comes out on top, shall we? ⚽🎉

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