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Moutai and Luckin Team Up for a Boozy Latte Twist to Captivate China’s Youth!

Hey, guess what? China’s iconic liquor brand, Moutai, and the coffee giant, Luckin, have teamed up for a wild ride. They’ve unveiled a bold, head-turning latte with a splash of baijiu, that powerful Chinese spirit. Yep, they’re mixing coffee and spirits – and all to catch the attention of the young crowd in China.

At 38 yuan (that’s about $5.23 for those keeping tabs), this intriguing “sauce-flavoured latte” had its price slashed to just 19 yuan on day one. Boy, oh boy, did that set the virtual world ablaze! Folks were buzzing about it all over Weibo, with many eagerly clicking away to place their orders.

Now, if you’re wondering, Moutai isn’t just any drink. It’s like the rockstar of Chinese spirits – clear, potent, and a favorite at big-time banquets. Some even say it kinda reminds them of soy sauce in flavor and aroma. Don’t worry, though, the new latte isn’t meant to knock you off your feet; it’s got less than 0.5% alcohol.

Here’s the scoop: with the economy taking a bit of a snooze, Moutai, whose bottles can go for a whopping 1,499 yuan a pop, is thinking outside the box. They’re eager to jazz things up and bring in fresh faces to their customer base. Heck, they even rolled out a baijiu-spiked ice cream last year. Can you imagine?

People couldn’t get enough. Videos popped up everywhere, with excited fans snagging this unique latte and being cheekily warned by the staff, “Better not get behind the wheel after this one!” And by Monday afternoon? Sold out signs were all the rage on Luckin’s app for many of their Beijing and Shanghai stores. Talk about a hot ticket item!

Zhu Danpeng, a savvy food industry guru, thinks this power-duo is onto something big. He shared, “It’s a win-win! Moutai gets a youthful makeover, while Luckin scores some serious brand points.”

Oh, and a little tidbit – after a dicey scandal in 2020, Luckin has come back with a vengeance, rapidly opening stores all over China. Talk about a comeback!

So, will you be sipping on this daring new concoction? Cheers to new beginnings and unexpected pairings! 🥂

(Note: $1 = 7.2640 Chinese yuan, just in case you’re planning a trip!)

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