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Minister announces Biman Bangladesh’s acquisition of 10 Airbus jets, reducing dependency on Boeing

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the state-owned carrier, has made a significant decision to diversify its fleet by purchasing 10 aircraft from Airbus, thus reducing its heavy reliance on Boeing. This information was conveyed by Mahbub Ali, the junior minister for civil aviation in the South Asian country, during an exclusive interview with Reuters on Monday.

Ali mentioned that the procurement of the 10 aircraft will be carried out in multiple phases, aligning with the airline’s specific requirements. Currently, a technical committee is diligently assessing the options available. The intention behind this move is to introduce a much-needed variety into Biman Bangladesh’s fleet.

According to undisclosed sources, Biman Bangladesh Airlines is reportedly on the brink of finalizing a deal to acquire 10 Airbus A350 widebody planes. If this agreement materializes, it will mark the airline’s first-ever order from the renowned French planemaker. However, the exact timeline for finalizing the deal remains uncertain, leaving us in suspense as to whether it will be announced in time for the commencement of the esteemed Paris Airshow, scheduled to commence on Monday.

When approached for comment, Airbus opted not to provide any statement, while Biman Bangladesh Airlines chose not to respond to the request for comment altogether. This decision to procure Airbus planes stems from the airline’s desire to diminish its reliance on Boeing, which has historically dominated widebody orders in the aviation industry. Ali emphasized that it is common for airlines worldwide to have a mix of both Airbus and Boeing aircraft in their fleets, and Biman Bangladesh is now eager to join the ranks of those with Airbus planes.

Established 51 years ago, Biman Bangladesh Airlines currently operates a fleet of over 20 aircraft, with a majority consisting of Boeing planes. Among these, more than half are widebody aircraft, complemented by a selection of Dash-8 turboprops. The addition of more widebody planes is essential for Biman Bangladesh as it anticipates a robust resurgence in travel following the aftermath of the global pandemic. With non-stop flights to 20 destinations around the world, including prominent countries such as Britain, Malaysia, Thailand, and Canada, Biman Bangladesh Airlines is strategically positioning itself to meet the rising demand in the aviation industry.

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