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Let’s Talk Plane Deliveries: Airbus Hits 381 Deliveries Within 2023’s First Seven Months

Hey, did you catch the latest? The European giant Airbus (EPA:AIR), has really been up in the clouds this year, cruising on a high altitude with an impressive 11% increase in deliveries. You heard it right, folks – they’ve rolled out 381 gleaming birds in the first seven months of 2023 alone. Talk about soaring to new heights!

When July rolled around, they didn’t slow down either. They delivered a whopping 65 of those sky chariots! And that’s not just hot air from me – they confirmed it in their latest monthly commercial update. Honestly, I tell you, this news had us doing loop-the-loops!

But wait, there’s more! Like a pilot on a bonus flight, Airbus didn’t just stop at deliveries. No siree! They went ahead and booked a grand total of 60 fresh orders in July itself. You could say they’re really taking off!

Isn’t it exciting? It’s like watching a nail-biting air race, with Airbus leaving contrails in the bright blue sky. Keep your seatbelts fastened folks, because with this kind of momentum, the sky is truly the limit for Airbus!

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