Kitchen food items are soaring to a high price index: Amb: Rehmatullah Javed

Amb: Rehmatullah Javed showed great concern over the ever increasing prices of food items. He said that a white collar and poor citizen are reducing their food to remain alive. The past governments left this country in ever high inflation.

The prime duty of this interim government to save the poor from dying and reduce the inflation. The trade and industry is getting slow almost stopped due to the ever increasing cost doing business. The high cost of gasoline and electric is the major cause of inflation.

Electric has over twenty more taxes included in the cost of electric. Gas prices have increased over 50% in last two years. He said that for a self reliance Pakistan we need business friendly policies on a long term basis. No economy can flourish with out a long term business plan. Adhoc business policies will never bring desired results.

Promoting MADE IN PAKISTAN is a dream which has almost become most important but we have done nothing to this regard we just keep on importing what ever we need & this have ruined of balance of payments.

The huge difference in balance of payments is also piling up the debt burden on Pakistan. Import of luxury items have ruined the youth of our country and also a huge amount of billions on luxury items is spent to raise the debit of Pakistan luxury items must be banned at once with luxury cars. Free electric and free transport with free petrol to government officials and political personalities must at once stopped it is time to pay the cost of freedom with a great responsibility to our country. .

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