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Investor Leon Black settles with US Virgin Islands over Epstein probe

Breaking news, folks! Investor extraordinaire Leon Black has wrapped up a major deal with the U.S. Virgin Islands regarding that whole Epstein investigation thing. According to the trusty New York Times, he dished out a whopping $62.5 million to steer clear of any legal mess tied to the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking debacle.

The Times managed to get its hands on a copy of the settlement agreement from the Virgin Islands government. And guess what? It happened back in January. Talk about keeping secrets!

Before you start spinning those gossip wheels, hold up! A spokesperson for Black himself confirmed the settlement, making it crystal clear that there’s no way Mr. Black was aware of or involved in any of that misconduct business. So, let’s leave the rumors at the door.

Here’s the scoop: Black did admit to paying Epstein for some “legitimate financial advisory services” in the past. But hey, in life, sometimes things don’t go as planned. And that’s precisely what this settlement is all about – resolving any potential claims that popped up because of those payments.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a showdown over Epstein’s legacy. Remember how the Virgin Islands recently demanded that JPMorgan Chase cough up at least $190 million (maybe even more) to settle a lawsuit? Yep, they accused the big shot bank of turning a blind eye to Epstein’s shady dealings. The bank, of course, denied knowing anything about those sex trafficking escapades. Ooh, it’s getting spicy!

Now, you might have heard a little something about a lawsuit accusing Black of defaming a woman. But hey, a New York state judge tossed that case right out the window back in May. The allegations were denied, and the drama simmered down.

But hold your horses, folks! Black’s still got one more battle on his hands. A woman named Cheri Pierson is pointing fingers and accusing him of a decades-old incident at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion. Black, naturally, stands his ground and denies any wrongdoing.

So what’s the verdict on Leon Black? Well, he’s no small fish, that’s for sure! Forbes magazine clocks his net worth at a jaw-dropping $10.1 billion. Talk about hitting the big leagues!

But, guess what? Despite all the commotion, Black decided to call it quits at Apollo in 2021. Sometimes, even the titans of finance know when it’s time to make a graceful exit.

And there you have it, folks! The rollercoaster ride of Leon Black’s life continues, filled with ups, downs, and a whole lot of legal showdowns. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of high-stakes finance and drama!

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