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Interbank Trading: Pakistani Rupee Shows 24 Paisas Appreciation Against US Dollar

The interbank trading session witnessed a commendable gain of 24 paisas for the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar (USD) on Wednesday. Concluding at a rate of Rs 286.97, it outperformed the previous day’s closing of Rs 287.21. Meanwhile, the Forex Association of Pakistan (FAP) reported the open market’s buying and selling rates for dollars as Rs 288.5 and Rs 291, respectively.

Shifting our focus to the Euro, we observed a marginal decline of 5 paisas, as it settled at Rs 313.63 compared to the previous closing of Rs 313.98, according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Conversely, the Japanese Yen remained steady at Rs 2.02. However, the British Pound experienced a significant dip of Rs 2.07, trading at Rs 365.13 versus its previous day’s closing of Rs 367.20. Notably, both the Emirates Dirham and the Saudi Riyal witnessed a modest depreciation of 06 paisas each, concluding at Rs 78.13 and Rs 76.50, respectively.

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