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India Stocks Surge as Nifty 50 Hits All-Time High, Led by IT and Green Energy Sectors

In a remarkable display of strength, India stocks soared to new heights in Tuesday’s trading session. The Nifty 50, a prominent index on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), achieved a remarkable 0.34% increase, setting a new record high. The BSE Sensex 30 index also contributed to the market’s bullish sentiment with a gain of 0.42%. This surge was primarily driven by remarkable performances in the IT, Technology, and Green Energy sectors, propelling the entire market upwards.

Nifty 50’s Top Performers

The stars of the show on the Nifty 50 were Bajaj Finance Ltd (NS:BJFN), Bajaj Finserv Ltd (NS:BJFS), and Hero MotoCorp Ltd (NS:HROM). Bajaj Finance experienced a significant surge, climbing an impressive 7.19% or 527.45 points to reach 7,860.45 at market close. Bajaj Finserv followed suit, recording a gain of 5.80% or 89.40 points, ultimately settling at 1,629.50. Hero MotoCorp also had a fantastic day, rising by 4.52% or 131.05 points, closing at 3,029.80.

Nifty 50’s Worst Performers

However, not all stocks shared the same fortune on Tuesday. Eicher Motors Ltd. (NS:EICH) experienced a decline of 6.31% or 229.05 points, reaching 3,401.80 by the end of the trading day. Bharti Airtel Ltd. (NS:BRTI) also faced a setback, declining by 1.59% or 14.00 points, closing at 865.15. Similarly, Grasim Industries Ltd (NS:GRAS) saw a decline of 1.35% or 24.15 points, ending at 1,769.55.

BSE Sensex 30’s Top Performers

On the BSE Sensex 30, Bajaj Finance Ltd (BO:BJFN) took the spotlight with a remarkable 7.17% increase, reaching 7,861.40. Bajaj Finserv Ltd (BO:BJFS) also contributed to the market’s positive sentiment, rising by 5.76% to settle at 1,629.45. Tech Mahindra Ltd (BO:TEML) showed strong performance as well, gaining 2.39% and closing at 1,148.15.

BSE Sensex 30’s Worst Performers

While some stocks thrived, others faced challenges on the BSE Sensex 30. Bharti Airtel Ltd (BO:BRTI) experienced a decline of 1.54%, ending the day at 865.50. Axis Bank Ltd. (BO:AXBK) also struggled, losing 1.18% to settle at 970.55. Likewise, Reliance Industries Ltd (BO:RELI) witnessed a decline of 1.03%, closing at 2,588.25.

Market Overview

Looking at the broader market, the number of falling stocks outnumbered advancing ones on the India National Stock Exchange, with 1115 stocks falling compared to 830 advancing stocks. 59 stocks remained unchanged. The Bombay Stock Exchange witnessed a similar trend, with 1816

stocks falling, 1566 advancing, and 112 remaining unchanged.

Remarkable Milestones

During Tuesday’s trading session, several stocks reached their 52-week highs. Bajaj Finance Ltd (NS:BJFN) experienced a surge, climbing 7.19% or 527.45 points to reach 7,860.45. Hero MotoCorp Ltd (NS:HROM) also achieved a new milestone, rising by 4.52% or 131.05 points to close at 3,029.80. Bajaj Finance Ltd (BO:BJFN) mirrored this performance, reaching a 52-week high and rising 7.17% or 526.05 points to reach 7,861.40.

Market Volatility and Commodities

The India VIX, an index measuring the implied volatility of Nifty 50 options, increased by 1.39%, reaching 11.70, its highest level in the past month.

In the commodities market, gold futures for August delivery experienced a rise of 0.40% or 7.75, reaching $1,937.25 per troy ounce. Crude oil for August delivery also performed well, rising by 1.26% or 0.88, closing at $70.67 per barrel. The September Brent oil contract experienced a similar gain, rising 1.22% or 0.91, ultimately reaching $75.56 per barrel.

Foreign Exchange

In foreign exchange trading, the USD/INR pair saw a slight increase of 0.02%, reaching 82.01. On the other hand, the EUR/INR pair remained unchanged at 89.43.

The US Dollar Index Futures

Finally, the US Dollar Index Futures experienced a minimal decline of 0.02%, closing at 102.63.

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