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In January, Tesla sold 18% more electric cars made in China.

China Passenger Car Association data released on Friday showed that Tesla (TSLA) Inc. sold 66,051 electric cars made in China in January.

That was 18% more than in December, when the U.S. company that makes electric cars sold 55,796 cars made in China, and 10% more than in January of last year.

In December, Tesla’s Shanghai plant cut production by about a third compared to November and gave workers more time off for the Lunar New Year holiday in January. This was done to deal with the growing number of cars on the market.

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Reuters reported on Wednesday that a planning memo and a person with knowledge of the plan show that the company plans to increase production at its Shanghai plant over the next two months. This is to meet the increased demand caused by price cuts on its best-selling models at the beginning of last month.

The CPCA said that BYD Co (OTC:BYDDF) Ltd., which shipped 150,164 cars, was the best-selling electric car company in China last month. Tesla came in second.

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