IMF agreement a great achievement of Government. Amb: Rehmatullah Javed

Prime Minster Mian Shahbaz Sharif & Finance Minster Muhammad Ishaq Dar with his finance team are congratulated for the IMF Agreement which will be for 3 billion Dollars package to Pakistan in next 9 months is a great outstanding achievement in highly challenging times & in present economic and global polarised diplomatic strategic environments. This great achievement will open a window of ecnomic prosperity for Pakistani nation.

It is the best time to start the Business year with great confidence because forex credit required for the import of Industrial raw materials will be freely accessible.The stuck up containers at sea port will be cleared with the credit power.

The present IMF program will also create confidence for friendly countries to provide more financial support to consolidate Pakistan’s ecnomic power.

We can forecast a 10 billion support form friends of Pakistan.Pakistan needs to give due attention to the agricultural sector which is the ultimate power of Pakistan. We in Pakistan needs to consolidate the existing resources to promote agriculture & IT.

We in Pakistan must increase IT knowledge and research in agriculture for food security.Already installed industry in the country must remain operative in all conditions to increase exports and reduce un employment.

Amb: Rehmatullah Javed

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