PM, IMRAN KHAN The resistance administrators bludgeoned the legislature on Saturday over different national issues, remembering a gigantic climb for the cost of oil based commodities, during a meeting of the National Assembly held today.

A day sooner, Prime Minister Imran Khan had endorsed a suggestion to climb up the costs of oil based goods, after which petroleum costs rose by Rs25.58 per liter.

In the present meeting of the Lower House of the parliament, PML-N MNA Khurram Dastgir said that throughout the entire existence of the nation, petroleum costs were never expanded by 34%.

“The legislature is turning into a facilitator of mafias,” he scrutinized, saying that he can detect that the administration seats are in a territory of ‘fear’.Describing other national issues, the PML-N legislator said that the guilty parties of the Sahiwal occurrence, where individuals from a family were murdered without a second thought, didn’t get any discipline.

Talking on the issue of the sugar emergency, he said that the Federal Investigation Agency said that the costs of sugar rose after authorization for sends out was conceded.


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