ISLAMABAD: Billing abroad Pakistanis as the greatest resource of the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday lamented that they and double nationals were viewed as tricksters and seen with doubt.

Tending to the introduction service of Roshan Digital Account (RDA) here, the head administrator said that the greatest resource of the nation was the abroad Pakistanis and we have not had the option to exploit this enormous resource yet. He said when India and China began gaining ground, the primary venture originated from their abroad individuals.

The chief brought up that the individuals who saw these Pakistanis with doubt, probably won’t be as large loyalists as the individuals who were sitting abroad, being the greatest asset pool yet to be tapped by making appropriate conditions for them. “The manner in which we should bring back these resources for Pakistan andhelp these individuals fabricate the country, sadly, has not occurred at this point,” he said.

The leader lamented that in Pakistan, it was discussed that a double public couldn’t be given any post or couldn’t turn into a priest and exceptionally other day, individuals would move toward courts. “I am astounded individuals have not yet perceived that they talk and think thusly,”


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