He is waiting to see what the new government decides about changing the Chairman.

Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), is waiting for the new government to tell him what he can and can’t do.

A no-confidence vote led to Imran Khan’s being ousted from office on Sunday, becoming the country’s first prime minister to be ousted by a vote of no confidence.


As history shows, after a change in power, the chairman of the PCB also needs to change.

It took Najam Sethi a long time to leave the PCB when the PML-N government was out of power. He also offered a good job to Zakir Khan, a friend of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, but he turned it down after the PTI government didn’t respond to him in 2018.

Rumors said that Ramiz was going to retire by Monday night.

In response to the question about resignation, Ramiz said that until the new government made a decision, he wasn’t going to quit.

It’s said that there are a lot of new problems that the new government has to deal with, so they don’t want to make a quick decision on the PCB Chairman.


However, Najam Sethi is ready to become Chairman of the PCB, and he wants to do that. After he realises there is no point in staying, Ramiz will step down as chair.


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