Hacker Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine! Blacklisted After Swiping 90 ETH from Innocent Victim.

Guess what? There’s a bit of karma in the air! Poor L3yum, just your average Joe from X (you know, the new-age Twitter) found himself in quite the pickle a few months back. Picture this: March 16 rolls around, and bam! Our dear L3yum’s precious stash of unique NFTs and cryptos vanished – poof! – as if a magician waved his wand. Yep, some sly hacker got their sneaky hands on L3yum’s hot wallet seed phrase. Imagine the audacity! The baddie didn’t waste any time, swiftly cashing out or trading those Yuga Labs-related NFTs and other tokens. Heartbreaking, right?

But, wait, the plot thickens! Come August 11, L3yum drops a bombshell on an X thread. After teaming up with the local cyber cops, guess who managed to put the hacker’s Ethereum-based USDT account on the naughty list? That’s right! L3yum’s stolen USDT funds? Frozen and blacklisted! Now, that’s what I call a turnaround.

Now, here’s the million-dollar question: Will L3yum see his lost treasures again? Well, if history’s any judge, when a USDT address is tossed into the blacklist bucket, Tether typically burns the banned bucks and hands the original owner a fresh batch. It’s kinda like a do-over. But there’s a catch! Most times, Tether waits for the green light from a court order before making a move.

Curious cats in the comments asked L3yum if this is the plan, and our hero seems hopeful but isn’t betting his last dollar. “That’s the gist of it, at least from what I’ve gathered. But hey, don’t hold me to it!” he playfully quips.

But, how on earth did this hacker pull off such a heist in March? Well, word on the street was L3yum might’ve been SIM-swapped, backed up his seed phrase on iCloud by mistake, or perhaps juggling his wallet on multiple gadgets. A cautionary tale, huh? Keep those digital treasures safe, folks!

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